Ultimate Light Face Therapy

Low-level pulses of red, yellow, blue and green lights in our FIL Ultimate Light Face Therapy are up to three times brighter than the sun and are capable of activating skin cells to naturally produce collagen and elastin. The lights in FIL’s Ultimate Light Face Therapy are calibrated to specific wavelengths to reach into the dermis and subcutaneous layers of the skin. When used singularly or in unison, this light therapy takes advantage of the skin cells’ sensitivity to different lights to achieve the desired colour gradient. This machine is further equipped with two additional side light panels that ensure optimal coverage of this light therapy, especially when paired with our Premium Collagen Masks for a photo-ready, rejuvenated face.


  • Ultimate Red Light: Activate metabolic function in skin cells, anti-aging and anti-oxidant, Boosts skin radiance and texture, Aid in hydration
  • Ultimate Yellow Light: Calm redness, inflammation, rosacea and eczema, Balance the skin’s natural PH levels and diminish appearance of facial blood vessels
  • Ultimate Blue Light: Deep cleanse, purify acne skin and prevent breakouts, Anti-bacterial and Minimise pore size
  • Ultimate Green Light: Fade sun-induced pigmentation, Promote an even skin tone and skin clarity

Key Highlights

  • Light therapy technology paired with Premium Collagen Mask
  • Best for sensitive, acne and dull skin