Most Revolutionary Treatment Surgical Pulsed Light Therapy


Most beauty treatments imply act on the skin’s surface. What this treatment does is help active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin essential for the success of any skincare method. Active ingredients are massaged into the face, after which biodynamic energy and pulsed light are used to act on your skin’s cells so the active principles penetrate into the deepest layers. The winning result? You’ll find that your skin is lifted, contoured and defined. Lines and wrinkles are reduced, and you’ll love how your features are more relaxed, especially around the mouth and between the eyebrows.

Why We Love

It This is a winning treatment for tired, overworked and dehydrated skin. Meant to reduce visible signs of ageing skin and improve skin lasticity, it also stimulates the production of new skin cells, firms up collagen, and evens and tightens pores. After just one session, you’ll be surprised with visible results: smooth skin and a healthy glow.

Need To Know

FIL is an oasis in the midst of a fast, busy city, so it’s a favourite among urbanites. Its very capable therapists will assess your type of skin and beauty habits before the treatment so as to know what skincare regimen is best for you and your lifestyle. $250 per session, Tel: 6883 2777 (Singapore Shopping Centre branch)