So you’ve heard of foot reflexology, but did you know that there are benefits to stimulating facial reflection points too? Face Tendon Therapy at FIL’Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence restores health to your skin
If you’ve been trying all sorts of treatments and products and yet see no improvement to your skin, the cause could be due to blocked channels, which prevent smooth circulation of “Qi” and blood. FIL’s Face Tendon Therapy tackles this by stimulating the facial reflection points of internal organs. It helps to activate “Qi” and blood, allowing toxins to be etabolised effectively and nutrients to be fully absorbed by skin. Besides combating dark circles, puffiness, droopy eyes, wrinkles, sagging, pimples and spots, this facial treatment is also said to improve the conditions of tinnitus, dizziness and nasal obstruction, loss of hearing, poor concentration and forgetfulness. The therapy also has a culpturing effect – chubby faces will look slimmer and thin faces, fuller. Those with mature, ageing, acne-prone or wrinkled skin will be glad to know that this treatment promotes the synthesis of collagen formation and balances moisture levels of skin. From $120 (60 minutes).