Best Contouring Facial Award – FIL Face Contouring Programme

Shape Your Face

Your skin reveals a lot about you – so FIL Skin. Body and Spa Intelligence helps you care for your complexion with its wide range of specially developed products to suit every skin type.
Getting a flawless and radiant complexion at FIL is well within your reach. Its signature therapies are affordable and safe, with proven results, and you can count on effective treatment for skin problems like acne, scar marks, unsightly pigmentation and more.
For a toned facial look, try the FIL Face Contouring Programme, which involves pioneering techniques that tighten and firm up facial muscles, fat deposits and sagging skin. An ultrasonic machine ensures that the firming serum penetrates deep into your skin, so your face shape and jaw-line are better defined, fine lines and wrinkles are effectively reduced.
This treatment also enhances blood and lymph circulation, giving you radiant, younger-looking skin. Complement the FIL Face Contouring Programme with the FIL Neck Contouring Programme for a slimmer and smoother neck so that you can face the world with full confidence!