Best Anti-Aging Facial FIL Stem-Celluar Treatment


This de-aging treatment features the latest range of FIL Stem-Celluar products – a revolutionary breakthrough in anti-aging research. Its star ingrediant – the AlpsBotanical Stem Cells – is extracted from the rare Swiss Uttwier Spatlauber apples. Also containing Sodium Hyalronate and a cocktail of other active anti-aging ingrediants, the treatment speeds up skin renewal for a radiant and youthful complexion.

Why We Love It

As we age, we lose the ability to replenish quality stem cells quickly, causing our skin to lose radiance and suppleness, accumulate pigmentation and form the lines. With FIL, we can now reverse ageing by simulating the regeneration of stem cells, thereby reducing fine lines and pigmentation, improve skin texture and elasticity in just one session.

Need to Know

Get to know FIL’s excellent customer service and unsurpassed quality in face, body and spa treatments – customised for each individual. FIL Stem Cell Treatment is available at $300 per session for a course of treatments at all locations.