For maximum relaxation and minimum stress in deciding what to go for, select from our menu of highly demanded spa ritual packages. 

FIL Power of Touch (approx 1 hr 15 mins)

Unleash built up stress and tension with a luxurious foot bath, followed by scalp and shoulder massage, and a therapeutic back massage. 

FIL 2 to Tango (approx 2hrs)

The perfect spa treat for you and your loved one. Start with a relaxing foot bath to invigorate your tired feet, followed by a reviving soak in the hydrobath. A refreshing exfoliating body scrub with a soothing aroma body massage follows for maximum pleasure. Perfect! 

FIL Balinese Touch (approx 2 hrs)

Indulge in a beauty ritual fit for Balinese royalty. An exfoliating lulur scrub, leaves your skin whitened and purified. Further caress and nourish your skin with a soak in a luxurious mandi susu (milk bath). The long soothing strokes of the traditional Balinese back rub alleviates aches and pains completes this royal experience. 

FIL Corporate Retreat  (approx 2 hrs 30 mins)

Mark this on your calendar - the ultimate de-stress experience for the busy executives and professionals. Sooth your tired feet with a floral footbath, and the rest of your body with a Swedish full body massage. Give your tired skin a boost with a rejuvenating aromatic spa facial. You will need this to totally recharge and get ready for tomorrow’s challenges.

FIL Marine Bliss (approx 2 hrs 30 mins)

Utilising Thalasso Spa Therapy, this treatment draws upon age old rejuvenating secrets of marine minerals. The marine facial hydrates the skin with vitamins and minerals. Aches and pains are eased through an invigorating full body massage and to bring you to total bliss, a rebalancing marine soak in the hydrobath.

FIL Vitamin C Immunity Booster (approx 2 hrs 30 mins)

Boost your system and skin’s immunity with this zesty treatment! The vitamin C facial, infused with anti-oxidants, renews the complexion to reveal a radiant glow. Add on a body scrub using citrus extracts to smoothen the skin and regulate melanin production for a fairer visage and a healing massage to undo the kinks from the muscles. Round off the experience with a steam bath to improve blood circulation, you will feel in the pink of health!

FIL Detoxifying Total Body Indulgence (approx 4 hrs)

Feel thoroughly cleansed with this intensive treatment. Begin with dry body brushing, followed by a detox scrub to stimulate blood circulation and slough off keratin build-up. Step into a detoxifying bath that draws out impurities trapped in cells and reduces water retention. A detox spa facial purges the skin of impurities. A lymphatic drainage massage wraps up the whole treatment by rebalancing your body’s self-healing and purifying functions. Feel purified from top to toe.

FIL Anti-Ageing Total Body Rejuvenation (approx  4 hrs)

Turn back time with a specialized treatment that releases potent active ingredients for cell renewal and firming. An aromatic steam bath calms the senses, followed by a green tea body scrub to gently exfoliate the skin surface to repair free-radical damage. Fine lines are plumped up and the face feels firmer and smoother with a collagen spa facial. This is coupled with a complimenting eye treatment to reduce eye bags, dark eye circles and crow’s-feet. An intensive repair anti-oxidant body wrap contours the figure and leaves you rejuvenated.