FIL Sea Salt Body Glow
Utilising dead sea salts with pure essential oils to purify and revitalize the body.

FIL Green Tea Scrub
A moisturising scrub with green tea extracts to cleanse impurities and keratin build up.

FIL Javanese Lulur Scrub
A nourishing scrub with exfoliating and whitening Javanese ingredients.

FIL Orange Scrub
A tangy scrub that infuses skin with Vitamin C to reduce pigmentation.

FIL Apple Scrub
A rejuvenating scrub to tighten pores and dissolves keratin build up.

FIL Refreshing Mint Scrub
A refreshing mint spa scrub that clarifies clogged pores.

FIL Mocha Scrub
A scrub that moisturises and whitens the skin.

FIL Gentle Lavender Scrub
A soothing scrub that uses lavender which has a calming effect.

FIL White Tea Scrub
A revitalizing scrub that has anti-ageing effects.

FIL Soy Milk Scrub
A scrub that pampers and moisturises the skin with soy, which is rich in protein.

FIL Ginseng Scrub
A scrub that uses ginseng to pamper the body and lift up the spirits. 

FIL Pheromone Scrub
A scrub that induces the body to emit a natural scent which will enhance popularity with the opposite sex.

FIL The Star Body Scrub
A scrub of your star sign that will enhance the strengths and neutralises the negativities of your star.