FIL Nutmeg Treatment

A Chinese treatment that balances the “Yin” and “Yang” elements within the body.

FIL Bolus Treatment
A treatment that alleviates aches and pains in joints, neck and shoulders, and improves blood circulation.
FIL Heavenly Coffee Massage
A massage that uses the healing properties of the coffee plant to protect the skin from harmful radicals while whitening the skin.
FIL Sensational Tea Body Massage
A massage that leverages on the anti-oxidant properties of tea to achieve youthful complexion.
FIL Soy Sensual Massage
A massage that restores damaged skin tissue and regenerates new skin cells.
FIL Aromatic Star Massage
A massage that brings out the unique characteristics of each horoscope, negating the negative energy while reinforcing the positive energy.
FIL Pheromone Massage
A massage that brings out a natural scent from our body to enhance one’s attractiveness.
FIL Detox Massage
A massage that seeks to cleanse harmful toxins from the body.
FIL TCM Body Massage
A massage that draws on Chinese medicinal properties to revitalise you from within.