FIL De-Stress Scalp Massage

A quick relief for tension headaches and neck aches.

FIL Scalp & Shoulder Massage or Back Massage

Knead away all the tension and aches that have been bothering you, leaving you relaxed and recharged.

FIL Shiatsu Body Massage

An ancient Japanese healing treatment that focuses on body’s pressure points.

FIL Swedish Massage

A holistic treatment that uses long, soothing strokes over the entire body for deep relaxation.

FIL Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A healing treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system to cleanse toxins or reduce water retention.

FIL Aroma Body Massage

A soothing massage that uses exotic, fragrant essential oils to relieve aches and stimulate your senses.

FIL Hot Stones Body Massage

A revitalizing massage that uses heat from the stones to stimulate blood circulation and relieve tension.

FIL Traditional Deep Tissue Massage

A rejuvenating massage that eases chronic aches and discomfort. Also rebalances and strengthens the system.