When you walk into a room, people should notice you and not your makeup!

Follow these easy basic makeup tips to look naturally more beautiful:

Makeup Tip 1
The right foundation. Most Asian women have yellow based skin, whether fair or dark skinned. If your foundation is too pink or orange, it often looks artificial and two-toned as the undertone in the foundation "clashes" with our natural yellow-based skin. To create the look of naturally flawless skin, wear a foundation with a yellow base, and apply with a light touch. You can always gradually build up on the areas where more is needed. That way, you’ll have a perfectly smooth and even base to work with. But nothing beats having clear, healthy skin as the perfect canvas!

Makeup Tip 2
Face powder. Set your foundations with a light touch of loose powder. Keep your compact powder handy for touch ups during the day. If you 'shine' a lot, control excess oil with a suitable serum that hydrates.

Makeup Tip 3
Cheek colour. When applying, stroke from the earlobe downward to mid-cheek so you do not leave a "blob" of color on the cheek. Use lighter colors of blush to highlight areas you want to bring out.

Makeup Tip 4
Eye colour. Remember that dark eyeshadow colors recede features and light colors highlight. Apply the lightest shade over the entire eyelid, followed by the medium shade on the lower eyelid. Apply the darkest shade in the outer corner of the eye to create depth. Apply with short strokes, starting from the center of the eye and working towards the corners to finish your makeup. If you have dark eyes, use black, navy, dark brown or clear mascara. Remember that the eye area is very delicate with thin skin that can be damaged by harsh tugging or lack of care. Find out how to nourish and protect for mesmerizing eyes!

Makeup Tip 5
Luscious lips. Use a lip balm to condition and protect your lips from becoming chapped & dry. Follow with your choice of lipstick colour or gloss colour. For a more dramatic and lasting evening look, use a lip brush when applying lipstick. It will not only help define the contours of your mouth, but also helps to control the amount of color that is applied. Applying powder lightly over the lips before applying lipstick helps it to stay on longer. If you find that dark colours stain your lips, apply glycerine to affected area and wash as usual.